Warning, the business deduction is no longer accepted by the IRS for tax year 2018. You might still be able to use this report for your state tax return or federal returns before 2018.

IPad/IPhone users can upload using ICloud. example (not easy, recommend a desktop computer).

Login to AA Flight Service and go to following link:
Check the "Select All" box and let the page "Get Data" (you should see your flying data
on the web page)
then you have to save this data on your computer.
Two ways to save the data:
1) Email the schedule summary to yourself (can take up to two days!), if you get a
blank file, you need to let the Flight Service page "Get the Data". Also, make sure
your data is for the correct tax year for the report you want to create.
When you get the email. Download the email attachment when received
and save it to your computer
, and remember where you saved the file.
The saved file often can be found in your "Download" folder on your computer
with the name: "2020xxxx_HSSresponse.txt".
PDF version is now accepted as well.
2) Another option if you know how to "cut and paste" and want to create the
report instantly is to cut and paste the data and save it manually to
a text file and save it to your computer to get an instant report.
If that is causing you a problem, you can paste all the data (your flying summary) into
an email and send to me at, and I will run the report for you.
Please mention your training dates if you overnighted away from home. Obviously
not instant, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

Instructions for the form below now that you have saved your
flying data in a text or PDF file on your computer:

1. Enter your email address: It is not saved, but is required to name the report.
2. Upload The Saved ".txt" or ".pdf" File
Use the "Choose File" or "BROWSE" button,
on this page- below the blue bar- and select the saved "txt" or "pdf" file. The file is probably located in "Downloads" on your computer.
3. Enter your training days if you overnighted at your training base.

4. Hit "Send" once, it will take a minute for the page to refresh.
A PDF report with your data will be emailed to you nearly instantly. If you do not see the email in a few minutes something went wrong.

The entire process should take no more than 5 minutes.
If you do not get an email with your report almost immediately, something is wrong, try again or contact me.
This service is free, but if it saves you time and money, a donation of no more than $5
to my Paypal ( is expected unless you are a new hire.

Type in your
Email Address below:required

Please select your Flight Summary "TXT" file by tapping the button below.
It is usually named "2020xxxx_HSSResponse.txt"
or "2020xxxx_HSSResponse.pdf" and can be
found in your "Downloads" directory, after you "save" it to your computer from
the email mailed from Flight Service.

Click once, page will take up to a minute to refresh:

Please use the link below to contact me, if there is a problem.
Please include your name in the email.

Problems--Email Me John Winkopp (321) 345-3855 Home in Florida

You can select a one year's report for flying starting on:

Extra Training Days-You must use MM/DD/YYYY format
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Number of Days in Training
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Number of Days in Training
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